Welcome to My Blog


Welcome to my blog.  It is a place to exchange a bit of information about me and my upcoming book, Make Love to Your Food, Wicked New Ways for Women to Lose Weight.

So what’s this book all about, you ask.

First I want to say what the book is NOT.
– instructions on doing perverse acts with cucumbers or bananas
– just a joke
– the same old how-to-lose-weight dieting advice
– a diet plan
– a weight-loss book for men or children

What this book IS
– Practical advice to help you transform your body into one you love
– Inexpensive and cheap to follow (no expensive gym memberships or food plans required)
– Fun to read
– Women-Only Weight Loss Techniques – these methods work because of how women think
– Short – so you can start changing your life sooner rather than later and come back and reread whenever you need to

A lot of this advice is stuff I have posted on forums or wrote originally in heartfelt emails to friends. I never felt it was enough to make a book until….

Until I started to hear that ebooks, digital books, Kindle shorts, books selling on iBookstore, etc, were frequently sold in the .99 to $2.99 price range — more of a magazine purchase than a whole book. And for that price the digital book doesn’t have to be 100 pages long or represent yours life work.

And suddenly I thought about collecting and writing down my best advice on weight loss. One friend said she had taken an email I sent and printed it off and was making herself reread it every day.

“Wow, I never thought of my body that way. Thanks for your advice” – was a simple and typical forum response I received

Too many women spend too much energy obsessing about what they eat or don’t eat and what they weigh and whether they can drop 2 dress sizes by their wedding.

Life is short. It’s time as a gender that we stop counting calories and start living. Make Love to Your Food is my attempt to help women achieve a healthy weight at which they look and feel great!

Okay, that’s it for today.